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IPG is a group of 2 companies. IPG (asbl) is the first and most important. It is specialized in medical diagnostics in Anatomopathology, Genetics, Molecular & Cellular Biology and Molecular Microbiology. Its objective remains the production of the only human medical diagnostics to which more than 350 people are attached; diagnostics of which the annual number of diagnostics is now close to 250,000.

In addition to diagnostic analyses, the IPG offers a multidisciplinary patient care service, including medical consultations by our various doctors specialized in clinical genetics, neurology and pediatrics; genetic counseling consultations by our genetic counselor; psychological support by our psychologists specialized in genetic diseases; administrative assistance by our social nurses; and dietetic follow-up by our dietician specialized in the management of metabolic and genetic diseases.

In January 2004, the group set up a second subsidiary, BIO.be - under the status of a public limited company - which brings together the various activities not strictly related to human medical diagnosis: expertise in quality and safety as well as an interface function with partners engaged in concerted regional, national and European research. The IPG also has a Brussels platform.

The activities of the IPG can no longer be conceived without a high definition of quality based on ISO standards. All the scientific activities of the IPG have been accredited on the basis of the ISO 15189 standard since 2009.